Banners are a straight forward sign to quote, in the sign banner calculator we have addressed the need for speed, yet acknowledge there are many types of background stock, edge finishing and potentially the need to add vinyl graphics for a date or changeable text. The other fields allows those odd items like delivery, installation or special sign customer requests.


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Banners come in a variety of sizes and materials, whether heavy duty or light usage banners, interior or exterior banners, framed banners, rope edged banners or even retractable on tracks, drop banners, attached to walls or in frames - they are a very flexible form of sign advertising. Advertising sign banners can be digitally printed, sign written or have vinyl letters or sign graphics applied directly to fabric or a combination of these applications, single or both sides. Sign banner options can include – sewn and hemmed banner edges, banners with ropes, banners with eyelets or welded banner products. Sign banners can be priced in options of basic (banners usually from an inexpensive one colour banner with minimal amount of copy), Banners offering middle of the road designs (usually two colours, simple graphics with border) or complex well designed banners (fully digitally printed with full colours, images and borders) giving the most appeal and attraction for the banner to gain maximum result.

NB: some local councils and shires enforce regulations, therefore it's prudent to seek permission before installing banners.


Support Advertising Content: If you're looking for some sales spin to build your Window Graphics business, may we suggest a few ideas you could adapt to use on your sales literature, marketing and web site.

Punch line = Cheap effective Sign advertising 

Sales Spin = Perfect sign advertisement for events and sales, can be printed in high-resolution full colour graphics. An excellent option for exterior signage banners are durable, re-usable and offer a superior finish in the banner face. Digitally printed full colour banners can be sewn with reinforced brass eyelets and folded sewn hems from non-tear superior strength industrial PVC for longer term banner use, or unsewn banners for a more temporary use.

Sales Spin = Banners are one of the most versatile types of signage offering an ideal solution for businesses, schools, hospitals, street signage, shopping centres, temporary signs, banners for exhibitions, banners for billboards to name just a few applications. Banners present a huge range of sign advertising applications both short and long term signage, indoor and outdoor advertising with full colour graphic sign images or just simple signage text.

Sales Spin = Banners can be either stock standard banners or run of the mill single sided banners coming in a myriad of graphic sign colours or premium long term banners. Standard banners can be trimmed to size with hemmed edges, roped and eyeleted banners and printed on basic PVC banners, right down to temporary thick paper or woven Tyvek ®  for short term banner use. Premium signage banners can be double sided and printed on quality ultra smooth PVC banner stock with a thin block out layer between banner sides. Another sign banner option proving to be extremely popular is the flex face fabric sign banner with banner edging and sail track sign installation. This unique signage method creates a sleek, smooth fully taught low-glare surface and suitable for most flat and slightly curved surfaces.

Punch line = Get your message out there with a banner! 

Sales Spin = Banners – Ready to grow your business!         Banners are an effective and comparable form of sign advertising. Why not create an effective and eye catching display banner for indoor or outdoor exposure. Everyone loves a sale, so use a banner to advertise  such as a – For Sale banner, 50% off Sale banner, Moving Premises Sale banner, Under New Management banner, Sale banner, Stock take Sale banners – you get the picture I’m sure. Fact is, banners are a great part of the urban landscape

Sales Spin = “Your Company” can supply over 30 different types of vinyl material colours and have a range of stock standard pre-existing printed banners such as “Sale” banners or happily customise to your specifications. Our vinyl banners can be single or double sided and include printing, ropes, eyelets, reinforced stitching, water and UV resistant. Great banner advertising for sporting events, team registrations days, fetes and exhibitions, banners are a popular form of advertising.

Sales Spin = PVC banners can be supplied with welded edges, ropes, eyelets or sail track edging, they are lightweight and easily transported and available as ;-

  • Standard banners are 480gsm, water and outdoor UV resistant
  • Heavy duty banners are 680gsm, water and outdoor UV resistant, very durable
  • Fabric banners are lightweight, suitable for indoor use and great for shop front windows and exhibition backdrop curtains – and can be stretched over a frame
  • Mesh banners can withstand the harshest environments

Digitally printed in vibrant full colour processes in highest resolution available from images to photographs, banners offer an ideal and practical form of advertisement.

Banners - Vinyl

Price Guide Matrix – Before you consider using a price guide it’s wise to understand “one size may not fit all”.

There are enough variables to fill a library and then some however, if you view it logically we hear people talking about market prices, volume prices, discount prices and prices aimed to kill off competitors. If you really want to understand prices and quoting, our best suggestion is get to know your costs.

This matrix is purely offered as one perspective of an average price for a metro area based on minimum of 250,000 people in an average region. ANY variation like distance from suppliers, competitors’ knowledge or lack of, and many others will affect the price.

Approximate sizes for common banners based on eyelets, edge finishing including hemming and rope sewn in. Other considerations: Prices based on individual banner and discounts may apply with volume, regular customers or other factors. If the banner is double sided add 65%. It’s prudent to check Council and Shire requirements

Sign Quoting Check List – Installing Signs and Digital Prints

Installing signs and digital printing is an area in the sign business that needs to be considered in virtually every stage of the sign process. The aim of this sign installation checklist is to make you aware of just some of the downsides and pitfalls that you may encounter during the sign installation. It’s prudent to allow for these costs as they could minimise the profit on your sign project. We have provided this as a downloadable document to allow you to maximise the benefits to your sign or digital print company

Design and Artwork and Administration Area

  • In reviewing the sign specifications have you cross checked that you have allowed for all sign hardware, sign background panels and sign materials to complete the sign
  • Have you allowed for logo/artwork design for the signage project
  • Are you supplying artwork for the signs or digital prints
  • Are you allowing for extra proofs for the sign project to have site approvals
  • Is the sign clients supplied sign or digital print artwork, ready to print
  • Is Council / City approval required for the signage project
  • Is your Sign Company providing the necessary sign approvals, sign licencing etc.
  • Have you requested a deposit to cover your downsides for this signage project
  • What payment risks are there in regard to your signage customer
  • Have you allowed for a mark up on all signage purchases
  • Has your sign estimator allowed for specialty materials on the sign project

Signage Manufacturing Area

  • What special preparation is required for the signage project
  • Do you require specialised certificates to perform the signage or digital print job
  • Is the sign or digital print job single or double sided
  • Have specialised or high cost sign products been allowed for in the sign quote
  • Are yields in the sheet / roll conversions reasonable to manufacture the signs / prints
  • Have you allowed for a wastage percentage in the manufacture of the signs
  • Is the allowance for the digital print adequate
  • Have you allowed for laminating the signs or digital media

Sign and/or Digital Print Installation

  • In the case of a motor vehicle or an area that needs cleaning prior to installation, has a cleaning charge been allowed
  • Is your sign company responsible for the removal of the old signage from the building, motor vehicle or site prior to installing the new signs
  • Are highly specialised sign installation skills required
  • Is your sign company installing the project
  • Have you considered how easy or difficult the sign project is going to be installed
  • Do you have to remove the old signage
  • If you’re excavating to accommodate sign poles have checks taken place to ensure underground services are clear before the signs are installed
  • Have you included a rock excavation allowance in the event it’s not soft soil during the sign installation
  • Are you installing safety signs and barriers and have you allowed for this at the site
  • Does the workplace have certain laws regarding safety, hours or other factors
  • Is this signage project risky? If yes should you allow extra on the sign estimate
  • Are material safety data sheets (MSDS) required for the onsite sign installs
  • In the case of electric signs have you allowed for the cost of a licenced electrician
  • Are you aware of all WHS regulations for this signage project
  • Are your sign installers using any risky chemicals or sign adhesives
  • Are flammable liquids being used during installation process, have you allowed for this risk
  • Have you allowed for personnel protection equipment for your sign staff
  • Are your labour hours allowance reasonable to complete this signage programme
  • Are there unknown factors to ponder in regard to the site for the sign installation
  • Is the sign fabrication of the signage simple or difficult to accomplish
  • Have you allowed for sign frames
  • Have you allowed for any special signage brackets
  • Is site induction training required prior to installation of the signs or digital prints
  • Is the site highly regulated, do you need to allow extra time to install the signs
  • Is travelling to the sign site or the like, needed to be added to the sign quote
  • Is the sign project to be completed in normal hours
  • Has overtime been allowed if the sign installation runs over hours
  • Have you checked you are quoting the right quantity of signs or digital prints
  • Are roads or traffic operating in close proximity to the sign installation and do you have to allow for traffic control whilst installing the signs
  • Do you need to allow pedestrian safety zones whilst installing the signs
  • Is the work site safe and has adequate room and ventilation available whilst installing the signs or digital prints
  • Is there enough power and access to power on the site to install the signs or digital prints
  • Have you allowed for the delivery costs for the signs in a manner that the signs or digital prints will arrive to the client undamaged
  • Have you briefed the sign installers to ensure they take photographs of the signs prior to leaving the site

The list above represents a good quality list from many years of sign manufacturing, however we don’t suggest that it is all encompassing and recommend downloading this documentand adding your own checkpoints to suit your own sign business.

We would love to keep building the quality of our list as we have offered ours to you copyright free, we would greatly enjoy seeing how you progressed our list so please feel free to email us with your personal sign installation checklist.

Your version could be uploaded or emailed via our you will be included in the best suggestion for that quarter and go in the running to win 3 months free subscription to




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